For Windows Users: Hold down the “Ctrl” key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a find window. Type in your CP username (the one on the ranks). Click the “next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks, then just check what rank you are listed under.

For Mac Users: Hold down the Apple/Command key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a find window. Type in your CP username (the one on the ranks). Click the “next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks, then just check what rank you are listed under.

Red= UK

Blue= American

Purple= Ausia


Ganger90, Emily, Spikey

3icVice President3ic


Blake, Crazykitty500

[If moderators do not show up for events, they will be given a warning. If it continues, they will be have their moderator rank on chat taken away until they come to events.]

3icGeneral 3ic

Sarahmotalebi, Choncito, Lego Kid 5, Pinky

4icLieutenant General 4ic


5icMajor General 5ic

Jackson, Gamerdude, EpicGamer, JBW

7icLieutenant Colonel7ic


Blueflame300, Lucylo5, Starlei, Jubby, lola27707, Swag


mushme110, Gingersnap, Flipper101, flarek0209, Boby10496, Spartan01

11icFirst Lieutenant11ic

Frost, Captain America, Gaplego

12ic Second Lieutenant 12ic

13ic Sergeant Major 13ic


14ic Warrant Officer 14ic 

Seanf16, Jazz2945, Penguina964, Sheldon3, Pengu2033, Agentkid100, Mikey103, agent zello, agent ninja888, elite spoiler

15ic Staff Sergeant 15ic

 Lilrocky24, beth2524, Coolmember35, Agent Dale

 16ic Sergeant 16ic

cool katie9, gusgus45, pesky208, dragon8943, cpcopnumber6, celticbaron, tepig 79313, Dellysell56, Pengygirl7

17ic Corporal 18ic

Dadar, JacobLacob, Ginger2203m2, Test41, LOLOLILA4, guy2804, Brent Arvic1, icepop805, Hula Hula 27, Rarity3278, glamslam2, Beta100, s wimmer505  

17icLance Corporal 18ic

adrian22804, zom12649, Eiman83533, Pennyhenny4, StingAcer, vampire awes, jettlv, Big Guy100, nate355, SnowKitty1, Hershey11123

 19ic Private First Class 19ic

flavio470, Adyjemma44, Jackson15566, water polo 8, rollo210, 77jake1, Num87, Earnald1000, Sequyoah, Tracomi, Justin, Starangel, connord03, Zaptorraptor, samfish345

 20ic Private 20ic

Jayjay, Agent, Cakelover, Blackstorm90, mr zello, ninja888, gaplego2, penguinswat3, clawdeen633, nightmare188, sheldin7, firey633, clawdeen633, quakey98, cooly1234hat, Perry861, Rohaan05, RYUBOY8488, Castaw y10, ready red 10, Evans71815, prinsses807, Kooldude7832, Cole2457, 9reds, blacky917, Jojo3221, Nathanl9, VAMPIRE113, Coolcat5150, Willwright, Kools21, radical24, Hershey111735, Destiny23457, Pidro8604, Matbit, 4totwelveo1, weasel31, k126,Morgan67, Audrey, Trixie1234, justchilman, Loosey134, Golden_Pikachu, Alondra, Tou Zong, joshe, koolkite, Alltrend, Alfasonic, likaboss139, Codezero1, lovelygirl09, cutiepie3367, Babybluefur, exquisite123, akhil327, piedmonte, Danigirl322, dop45, Raniris, spenguin10, poodle567, fluffy22004, Firazyn,Damonje, crazywolf500, Skyskyla, Zorro Metal, Anchor Man, rahuldc9, Num87, Kegoma, M22100, StingAcer, Satinyleader, 77jake1, Alfasonic, Jojo565, Speedy, Koney, Thenewguy, Franfran117, Ellie, Jessica, Tumixen, xzoot, luky, Scholarcp, Redrock6, Jameyza, Darkwing085, kjh313, skyswatarmy, 000zoey, ninja03250, Darkwing085, LeEpicness, 5o91, Captain DC, Kylelak1, Stephenalo, Dobey7, lamborguni, saeber1, robby2014, agini2, Unicef, Mystic, Borris21167, Juliannecool, Borris 21167, Sofirurri, Fluffybunnie, andre0080, Ubbie 11, celticbaron, Kamil17, beedee1, Misty10, swagergurl15, Miss Lovly1, swimmy29406, mackenzy6526, Rockman48009, Cupcakes 1D, ice20003, mominhero, 09cutie, wario8248, mario8248, Nana74, P12345sixty, Pingud25, Karimo2011

Special Ranks:

Advisor: Badboy

83 comments on “Ranks
  1. bandage23 says:

    Is there an AUSIA division in SWAT?

  2. justinfortsa says:

    can i am master general i am mod

  3. yjaemagno says:

    hey guys im filipino but wheres the fil nation?

  4. Austin43588 says:

    Fancy Swat has really gone up, Good luck to swat

  5. greengal510 says:

    i don’t have rank i just joined but can you tell me please thanks

  6. minigoliath says:

    Change name UMAKiller

  7. Anonymous says:

    thank you for letting me join!

  8. tape4444 says:

    could a get rank

  9. kumici says:

    pls add me and lego on list we are 4ic

  10. kumici says:

    pls add me on ranks im 4ic

  11. blueicespark says:

    change blueicePARK To BlueiceSPARK

  12. arceus1296 says:

    Add me im Arceus1296 im the new uk leader

  13. justinfortsa says:

    i am 2ic yayyyy i am so happy

  14. blueicespark says:

    Please put me back in 2ic ranks.

  15. Anonymous says:

    don’t forget hammyguy1

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. sam says:

    add me to ranks im uk leader

  18. bluscluses says:

    Blulightning i was laptopless so im back

  19. Egbert 3487 says:

    I need a rank up to Warlord I’ve been attending lots of events!

  20. Ygirl9996 says:

    I’m a major genera

  21. destiny23457 says:

    Thanks for letting me join!

  22. Tanaka says:

    im leaving. take my rank off

  23. kv126 says:

    i cant see the next button

  24. aldotron says:

    taco is a spy in UMA

  25. Anonymous says:

    im not in the ranks

  26. im not in the moderator ranks.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I am not in the ranks

  28. Pengo1087 says:

    I am not in the ranks.

  29. Tou Zong swat! says:

    im not on here on the rangs my cp name is Tou Zong and my Swat name is Tou Zong Swat!

  30. Tou Zong swat! says:

    im up there but you spelled my name wrong
    its Tou Zong

  31. Num87 says:

    Could you please add me to the SWAT ranks?

  32. Tou Zong Swat! says:

    my name is still wrong u wrote Tou Zang but my real club penguin name is Tou Zong

  33. Lego_Kid5 says:

    Can someone change Lego_Kid_5 and Raprocks to Warlord?
    we are owners on chat.

  34. Num87 says:

    Thank you for recruiting me!

  35. pete44661 says:

    Add me back to ranks, I used to be 4ic

  36. Anonymous says:

    you did not add me to the ranks

  37. Anonymous says:

    can i join the swat army of cp??

  38. radfordone says:

    i’m not on the ranks my CP username is radfordone and my swat name is radfordone

  39. radfordoneswat says:

    sorry, my swat name is radfordoneswat

  40. gavin32g4 says:


  41. how do you join this
    do you know

  42. Anonymous says:

    I cant find my rank

  43. Anonymous says:

    i can’t find a rank

  44. Jessica M. Gonzalez Solis says:

    Hi I follow the instructions and I did not see my name. Please let me know if I did something wrong.

  45. Jessica M. Gonzalez Solis says:


  46. Rufus2207 says:

    I can’t find my rank. Did I do something wrong?

  47. derpyxdoctor says:

    im the new owner on SWAT :D

  48. shadow says:

    I didn’t see my penguin name

  49. shadow says:

    me I still don’t see my name

  50. Rocksie789 says:

    Can I be AUS commander my club penguin user name is Rocksie789 same as my name for this website

  51. Cool44256 says:

    Can someone rank me plz

  52. cool44256 says:

    plz rank me

  53. Rocksie789 says:

    Plz give me a rank :) It would be amaze balls

  54. Atifgr8 says:

    add me at ranks plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i will be glad if so

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