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Massive Training Session [Wednesday]


LOADED 100%.

As of today, December 22, 2014, the Club Penguin SWAT Team is officially back in business! If you are interested in joining us, please first leave a comment on our join page, and then follow the steps provided there. The Club Penguin SWAT Team needs new Special Agents! Apply quickly! Our first event will be on Thursday, December 26. The days, Monday, the 22nd — Wednesday, the 25th, will be start-up days and recruiting preparations for the new age of SWAT. The information for our first event back is below!


Thursday, December 26th

9:00 PM GMT/UK| 4:00 PM EST| 3:00 PM CST| 2:00 PM MST| 1:00 PM PST

Mammoth [SWAT Capital & Headquarters]

Leaders Comment.

Addressing Merges – SWAT Status [Active]


The S.W.A.T Team of Club Penguin have recently re-opened and will be ready for action relatively soon. We are addressing the situation with presumably, you, the reader’s army, that may be struggling so that we can come together and form a better S.W.A.T going forward. If your army is struggling or on the brink of extinction, you can think past this by merging into us. Whilst we are up-and-coming for the next few days, we will be accepting merges based on size and first come-first served for high ranks for you and your troops.


 Takis Have merged

We are fixing the site

As of right now the site is being worked on so don’t worry. The return date may change, so for now stay salty my friends.


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