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    Welcome to the SWAT Army Of Club Penguin! We are one of the largest and strongest armies of Club Penguin. Our goal is not only to protect all of Club Penguin from evil, but to be the best and most fun army around. If you would like to join, go to our join page, and fill out an application. After you are done, please visit our headquarters to chat with other fellow SWAT Agents. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

    ~SWAT Leaders

  • SWAT ReturnsJune 1st, 2015
    2 months to go.
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SWAT Will Return

SWAT will return this summer.

Taco is banished from the SWAT Army for attempting to deface and delete all SWAT history on this SWAT, along with trying to shut us down forever without Ganger’s consent.

Dwain and Ryan are banished for giving Taco access to site and assisting him in sabotaging SWAT.

Ganger and I are SWAT’s Godfathers. We are the only ones who are allowed to give permission to ANYONE to recreate SWAT.

I can promise you all this. Summer 2015 will be the final run. We’ve said it many times, but this time there is no lie. This summer will be the defining generation, the one that will stand alone, away from all other history SWAT has had.

Be prepared,

June 2015.

Site Under Construction

I’ve restored all the pages, not a lot of posts were deleted, and none of our widgets were lost either. Unfortunately, Taco deleted the CSS in the process of his rant, so I have gotten a new one. As of now, it is under construction, but when its finished it will look great. When we return we will have a new look for the site, new ideas to thrive, and we will be a new army.

June 2015.

Event Cancelled

Today’s event is cancelled. Check event schedule and event timer for tomorrow’s event.


 photo andthenhesaid_zps56860c8a.jpg


War Training Mission [RESULTS]

Hello Special Agents!

Today we logged on Mammoth for a War Training. We maxed 25 and averaged 23. Again, we reached 40 on chat but didn’t get as much on CP. This is a serious issue. Starting tomorrow, on our rebuilding week, all users that are AFK during events will be zapped. That’s unacceptable. I only got one picture because the tactics weren’t that good either.

~Bad, SWAT Leader

The Evolution Of Spi101

Spi101 has officially evolved into Spisama Bin Laden. God be with him and the Dark Warriors.

 photo spisamabinladen_zpsf9158f44.jpg

We Will Rise

Hello Special Agents.

Many of you have probably seen that we were placed only at 6th this week on CPAC’s Top Ten. I assure you, we will rise. There’s two basic reasons that we weren’t 4th or higher this week. One reason is because all the armies above us, with the exception of DW and LT, are gay and spam 100 events every week for more points. Which is really annoying on their part. But I think the main reason is because most of our leaders were busy this week. I, myself, couldn’t attend a few events because I just got back to school and I’m getting back in the mix of things, and you probably are too. No big deal. This week, the community will see us at our best, and the following week, our strongest.

Lock and load bitches.

Hell Will Be Unleashed.

~Bad, SWAT Leader


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