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Temporary Shut Down // More Information Will Be Released Soon


Obviously I made a wrong decision in giving Subster, Ryan, and Supa Em Leader, or anyone for that matter. I gave you guys over a week, and nothing improved. On top of that, Ryan, Subster, and Spikey all decided to try and form a rebellion revoking Ganger’s decision to come back and lead, which I find completely inappropriate. As of right now, SWAT will be temporarily shut down until further notice. Ganger, pc me ASAP or as soon as you see this post.

Just To Clarify


Just to clarify, the stability agreement was in effect for the removal of Konrad and Dwain. I told Konrad and had others tell Dwain that they’d be couped. And I discussed with the three new leaders of SWAT that they would be removed aswell. Although it wasn’t an official “meeting”, everyone knew it was coming, and having a meeting wouldn’t have changed much because we all know SWAT was dying under Konrad and Dwain.

This Is It

This is it.

This is the FINAL leadership change. I know I might say that a lot, but this time I’m sticking to my word.

I have had just about enough. To Konrad and Dwain, you really thought you could sit here and do nothing for two weeks when the army dies under you? When Ganger left for good, I basically HANDED you two the army. I gave you both a chance to prove yourselves, and what did I get? You have two events, both of you go inactive, and almost all of our troops quit in one week. I come on chat and no one is there. Konrad, I see you maybe once or twice during the week, and you Dwain, I only see you on the weekends, and that’s absolutely disgraceful. I saw potential in you both, and you failed me.

To Ryan and Subster, I am so sorry I chose them over you guys. You both have proved yourselves to be better, and I feel like garbage for getting rid of you. I know you guys will do good and take SWAT far.

Konrad and Dwain, you brought this upon yourselves. You had your chance, and now it’s time for a change.

Ya, you and Dwain almost accomplished that, but good thing I’m here to prevent it.

This is your new leadership:

Subster || Ryan || Supa Em

SWAT will be rebuilt, and we will reach the top once more.

~Bad, SWAT Advisor, Legend, and Godfather


Squad up.

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I’m Out Again

Once again, the week I come back, the army goes cold. Its so bizarre. Every time I return, everyone is so fired up to rise, but then everyone just falls asleep. And every time I come to chat, it’s reset, and everyone is member. I can’t do this anymore. No one wants to try, or do anything. You guys can figure this out yourselves, I’m finished. I’m moving back to advisor. Keep me admin on site, and if you need help with events and stuff, I will come whenever you need me.

~Bad, SWAT Advisor

Unscheduled Battle Of Mammoth


Today we battled ACP on Mammoth. As usual, they were garbage and we destroyed them. We maxed 15.


Banishment Of Taco

No leader, advisor, or anyone else is allowed to coup, demote, or remove a leader without calling a meeting to discuss the reasoning and circumstances. The person who is being put up for removal will also be included in the meeting. Owners, of the rank of 2ic or 3ic, are not allowed to form committees, rebellions, or uprisings against the leadership or advisory. Anyone in violation of this agreement are to be banished from SWAT forever.

Hey Taco. If you didn’t know, you just violated the stability agreement.

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