The Return of SWAT – December 4, 2014

December 4, 2014

That’s right. It’s gonna happen, and that’s the official date of the return of SWAT. 

We all know that we can’t have incompetent leaders, all they are gonna do in the end is if I don’t make one event they will run to another army and we just don’t need people like that in SWAT. We need leaders that are going to stick with SWAT and be independent if I can’t make a couple of events. So what does this mean? For the time being, I will be the only leader of SWAT when we return until I can find someone who cares about SWAT as much as I do. I may find a good leader who I have lots of trust in before we return, but until I find the right leader(s), then it’s not going to happen, because I’m not gonna let anything or anyone ruin SWAT again. We all need to stick together for this to work, and at the moment, I will be looking for people who are going to be joining SWAT in the upcoming return. We are going to dominate and we are going to get revenge on the armies who have wronged us in the past and we will not come lightly. Now, the reason I haven’t been able to come back and lead SWAT yet is because at the moment, my football team is in Round 2 of the Playoffs (High School) and our focus and goal is to win States, and that’s why I can’t be back until at least December 4. I have a highlight tape that will be coming out in early December as well. Now let’s focus on SWAT, if you want to join SWAT, we need you to comment on this post with the following information.

CP Name :

Reasons for joining SWAT:

Expected  Rank:

Experience in CP Armies:

Let’s get this money boys.