Welcome to the first draft of the ranks in SWAT.


Ganger90, TacoDaily,BenJarkin, [OPEN]

Leader In Training(2)

Lights717, [OPEN]

2nd In Command(3)


3rd In Command(3)

GrayRocket, Alina,Trent

The Comeback

Lately, SWAT has been in a state of hibernation and hasn’t been an active army.

Soon, this will all change. No, SWAT is not dead, we’re just planning, getting ready, for a very big event that will be happening sometime next week. This post will be updated with an official date within the next day or two. With that being said, stay tuned and be ready for a very big comeback. I’m going to be honest, I miss you guys. As much as every thing is going well with football, I still want to use my little spare time that I have to be with you guys, here in SWAT. I love all of you, and soon I’m going to show you what it feels like to be on top again. We’re going to prove a lot of people wrong, silence a lot of haters, and most of all, we’re going to be getting a lot of revenge. You should know if you are worthy of this revenge. For those of you who know this, be ready. Prepare before it’s too late. People say that I can’t do it by myself, and you know what; they’re right. I can’t do it without the help and support of all the troops here in SWAT. Whether I’m the one who brought them all here or not, I can’t do it without all of you guys, and for all of you who have stuck with SWAT through thick and thin, here for your army as a family, I salute to you because that’s the motto right there. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, and you guys are a testament to that statement. Let’s get this work, boys.

Hell will be unleashed,

Ganger90, SWAT Founder & President

Tacodaily, SWAT Former Leader & Legend



When you describe the army SWAT – many of you may think of the adversity that this army has gone through and what we have done to overcome the adversity. But truth is, adversity is a part of life and this experience of losing our site has only made the army SWAT a stronger and more experienced army. We are now ready for this next time this happens, and this simply becomes a learning lesson of the past as we set to rebuild and conquer this adversity once again. 

Those who hate on us and try to bring us down because they have been defeated – are only showing their weakness and our superiority over them. This act by the individuals involved was disgusting and soon SWAT will look for their revenge. 

SWAT Founder, Ganger90